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What is Thermo Rotation  ?

In addition to being the registered trademark of Thermo-Cycler Industries, Inc., Thermo Rotation is an energy efficient air turnover method for heating large, open building areas which results in extremely comfortable, uniform temperatures and very low energy costs. Thermo Rotation Systems are designed for energy efficient recovery of all internal “waste” heat gains from lights, motors, and air compressors as well as any solar heat gains. By distributing waste heat at the level where employees are working instead of leaving it trapped at the ceiling, Thermo Rotation Systems do not use purchased fuel until all waste heat gains have been used.

How does it work?

It is well known that warm air rises. The Thermo Rotation System obtains fuel savings and employee comfort by the continual, gentle turnover of the cooler level of air at the floor level. By removing the cool air at the floor level, warm air which normally stratifies at the ceiling moves to the floor level where it is really needed. Thermo Rotation   is much more effective and efficient than trying to blow air down from the ceiling. Although many buildings have more than a 20 F temperature difference inside the building, with Thermo Rotation, floor to ceiling, wall to wall temperature difference is often only 2 to 4 degrees! Our method of working with nature instead of trying to use high powered, high velocity fans and ductwork to battle against it results in low fuel consumption and comfortable, uniform temperatures throughout the area. This concept has been successfully applied for over 50 years and has been proven effective in thousands of buildings.

How is it different?

Compared to conventional overhead heating equipment, there are several operating characteristics that you do not have with a properly maintained Thermo Rotation System. You do not have high temperatures, high air velocities, high fuel bills or a high temperature at your ceiling. Usually, roof penetrations are significantly reduced and unsightly outdoor equipment is eliminated. Discomfort caused by blowing hot air or intense radiation is eliminated. Unlike direct fired makeup air space heaters, a Thermo Rotation System does not dump combustion byproducts or an excessive amount of moisture into a building. With the low operating costs of the Thermo-Cycler system, employees can be comfortable and productive without breaking the budget to pay the monthly heating bill. The gentle, constant air turnover movement of a Thermo Rotation System helps to reduce potential condensation problems on steel or other stored products and maintain uniform product temperature. Constant air movement also may improve the effectiveness of exhaust and ventilation systems and reduce the operating costs of excessive exhaust.

Why should it be in my building?

Quite simply, in many applications, Thermo Rotation has proven to be the finest energy efficient method for heating a large industrial building that is available. Although the initial cost of a Thermo-Cycler system may be slightly more than some other types of heating equipment, our goal has always been to simply make the best heating equipment available. You can find large conglomerates that are much, much bigger. You can find other companies that are a little cheaper. But we honestly believe that you will not find any company that is better on airturnover applications than Thermo-Cycler. To find out how comfortable, energy efficient and trouble free your building can actually be, please consider a Thermo Rotation System by Thermo-Cycler for your building project.
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