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Thermo-Cycler   Industries   Inc.   was   started   by Donn    Kelver    and    has    been    specializing    in energy      efficient      industrial      heating      and ventilation since 1984. After spending over 20   years   managing   the   sheet   metal   division   of a   mechanical   contracting   firm,   Donn   skeptically installed   a   large   airturnover   system   in   a   local factory    in    the    early    1970s    and    went    from skeptic    to    believer    after    seeing    it    in    actual operation.    A    few    years    later,    he    became    a regional   sales   representative   for   the   Johnson Heater   Company   and   successfully   sold   many systems   for   warehouses   and   large   industrial manufacturing   buildings   in   Indiana,   Michigan and   Illinois.   In   the   early   1980s,   with   buildings becoming   better   insulated   and   more   attention being   given   to   energy   efficient   heating,   Donn felt   there   was   a   growing   need   for   airturnover equipment    that    could    offer    similar    energy savings   and   comfort   in   smaller   buildings   that ranged   from   10,000   sq.   ft.   to   100,000   sq.   ft. In    September    of    1984,    the    Thermo-Cycler GTC-400   was   born   to   serve   that   need.   Having spent    many    years    as    a    heating    contractor rather     than     a     manufacturer,     Donn     also understood     the     special     needs     of     those contractors.    He    built    a    contractor    friendly company    to    accommodate    those    needs    and especially    those    of    heating    contractors    who work      closely      with      design-build      general contractors.
Over   the   last   31   years,   our   product   line   has expanded    and    Thermo-Cycler    Dealers    have installed   our   system   in   thousands   of   buildings where    they    have    been    saving    energy    and improving      the      working      conditions      of employees    in    millions    of    square    feet    of warehouses,   manufacturing   buildings,   athletic fields,   and   other   large   open   area   buildings. Our   management   team   has   many   years   of personal    experience    in    HVAC    contracting, manufacturing,   sales   and   maintenance,   and in   solving   real   life   heating   problems.   Although we    are    experienced    and    very    familiar    with other      types      of      conventional      heating equipment    such    as    infrared,    direct    fired makeup    air    heaters,    and    conventional    unit heaters,    we    specialize    only    in    comfortable, energy     efficient     airturnover     heating     and ventilation   applications   for   industrial   buildings and   warehouse.   Unlike   huge   corporations   that try   to   be   everything   for   everybody,   we   are pretty   much   a   one   trick   pony   and   do   not   do schools,    hospitals,    offices,    small    stores,    or residential   construction.   In   many   areas   of   the country,    we    are    proud    that    our    team    also includes     local     representatives     who     offer additional   experience,   products,   and   solutions to    tough    heating    problems.    We    are    ready, willing   and   able   to   assist   as   a   core   part   of   the professional   construction   team   for   your   next project.  
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