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Direct Fired Applications About
Thermo-Cycler takes a very sensible and simple approach to saving energy for heating warehouses and industrial manufacturing buildings. Compared to conventional infrared, unit heaters or direct fired makeup heating equipment, Thermo-Cyclers can often save 30-50%. Some manufacturers of direct fired space heaters will use modeling studies or the retrofit of a poorly designed project to try to claim their equipment is more efficient than airturnover heating equipment.  But the simple truth is that in most warehouse heating applications, nothing beats a Thermo Rotation   system to deliver energy efficiency, uniform comfort, simplicity, and long term operating value.  In some cases, our holistic approach to heating can result in some truly amazing energy savings. From July 2011 to July 2012, Thermo-Cyclers heated a 100,000 sq ft food products warehouse in Central Michigan for $353 including $218 of basic fixed monthly meter charges. We certainly would challenge our competitors to show how they could heat that building for any less.
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