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Long before quality and energy efficiency became overused marketing buzzwords, Thermo-Cycler Industries was saving energy and building top quality heating equipment for warehouses, industrial buildings, and athletic facilities. Since the very first day it started business, our equipment has always been built like a tank. Even though the equipment could be made using less expensive components and materials, our focus has always been to build the best, most reliable equipment available. Our customers have enjoyed energy saving technologies since long before energy efficiency was mandated or utilities started giving away free money for doing what smart and sensible small business owners had already been doing for years.
Those same customers have also challenged us to continually develop new and better products that lead the industry in reliability and trouble free installation. Our patented heat exchanger technology used exclusively in larger Thermo Rotation equipment brings a new performance level to already energy efficient air turnover applications. Indirect fired Thermo-Cycler air turnover heating units never dump the moisture and other combustion byproducts into the building environment so you don't have to worry about the damaging effects of condensation on your product or your building. Working with local heating professionals, we offer heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment that complements innovative design approaches to solving the specific challenges of large warehouses and industrial buildings.
Pre-Engineering Energy Efficient Thermo Rotation   AirTurnover Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Solutions for Warehouse and Industrial Buildings Since 1984!
Energy Efficient Thermo-Rotation Air Turnover Heating and Ventilation Systems for Warehouses and Pre-Engineered Industrial Buildings