Common sense says that it takes money to heat cold outside air up to room temperature. Lots of money. But that is exactly how direct fired makeup air systems operate. Bringing in excess cold air and heating it up to pressurize a building causes exfiltration. Exfiltration costs money. It continually is costing you money with air leaking out through building cracks and it costs even more every time you open a door. Thermo-Cyclers reuse the air that you have already heated. Thermo-Cyclers reclaim the waste heat off of your lights, motors, appliances, and processes before using any additional fuel. If your building doesn't need a great deal of exhaust, Thermo-Cyclers make a great deal of sense.



Unlike direct fired equipment, Thermo-Cyclers do not dump combustion byproducts (flue gases) into the building air that you and your employees breath. Thermo-Cyclers have provisions to duct in outside combustion air and vent the potentially hazardous flue gases to the outside. Although some manufacturers claim that only 20% of the air must be brought in from the outside, many building codes require a minimum of 50% outside air to be brought in with direct fired makeup air. Some local codes may even prohibit direct fired makeup air equipment entirely. With government agencies continuing to release new findings on the harmful health impact of combustion byproducts and the importance of indoor air quality, future requirements may be even more stringent.



Some manufacturers of direct fired equipment claim "automatic humidification" as a benefit. However, automatic humidification is simply the uncontrolled release of combustion byproducts (water, CO, CO2, etc.) which occurs in unvented, direct gas fired heating equipment. The combustion process will release approximately 11 gallons of water per Mcf (1,000,000 Btu) of gas consumed. These byproducts increase the likelihood of condensation formation and corrosion damage to metal surfaces, roofing, and stored product. Thermo-Cyclers provide uniform temperatures and constant air movement which greatly reduces the chance of condensation formation.



The Thermo-Cycler system has been designed for quick and easy installation. The Thermo-Cycler unit can also be easily disassembled and moved to another location or building as your needs change. Thermo-Cycler requires minimal horsepower which reduces electrical service size and costly electrical accessories required by large horsepower equipment The Thermo-Cycler does not require additional concrete pads, roof supports, or additional structural reinforcement for equipment support. Since Thermo-Cyclers are always installed indoors, they are not subjected to the harmful effects of inclement weather. The Thermo-Cycler unit requires only one (1) small flue penetration which significantly reduces the chance of roof leaks and excessive building penetrations are also eliminated.



The Thermo-Cycler is designed for easy maintenance accessibility. Routine maintenance and repairs are performed inside the building, not on a cold, icy roof. Maintenance procedures to the Thermo-Cycler are done directly from the floor instead of high on a ladder. Unlike large, complex modulating burners, the gas burners used on the Thermo-Cycler system can be easily serviced by a qualified local heating contractor.


Although many manufacturers of direct fired equipment try to claim "100% efficiency", actually only 92% of the gas used is converted to usable heat. The remainder is lost as the water vapor byproduct associated with the combustion process. This assumption is a best case scenario and is based on proper setup and complete combustion of the direct fired equipment. Thermo-Cycler is designed for 80% efficiency and all water vapor is vented to the outside. The superior air distribution and effective recovery of "waste" heat by the Thermo-Cycler system coupled with the reduced requirement for outside combustion air will far exceed the slight difference in combustion efficiency.



Thermo-Cycler will significantly reduce stratification over conventional heating equipment. The Thermo-Cycler system will usually have a total wall to wall, floor to ceiling temperature difference of only 2-4F anywhere in the building.



Energy efficient design of the Thermo-Cycler system will result in lower horsepower, a smaller burner, and lower overall operating costs than conventional heating equipment. Compared to conventional overhead heating equipment, a properly designed, operated and maintained Thermo-Cycler system will frequently use 20% to 60% less fuel. Night setback controls are standard on every Thermo-Cycler. The energy efficient design of the Thermo-Cycler unit also offers the advantages of continuous air circulation at a minimal cost.



All parts carry a standard one year warranty. The heat exchanger on a Thermo-Cycler carries a 10 year limited warranty. We will put our estimated fuel use projections in writing. And THERMO-CYCLER INDUSTRIES Inc. will offer the End Use Customer a money-back SATISFACTION Guarantee.



Thermo-Cycler units are in stock in Union Mills, Indiana and are available for shipment or pickup within 24 hours. There is no "promised" production schedule to worry about. Thermo-Cyclers are designed to be easily converted to use propane so that you can have "temporary" jobsite heat almost immediately.



Thermo-Cycler is striving to have the finest industrial heating/heat recovery system on the market and do not believe in sacrificing quality just to make the product cheaper. It has been our experience that initial costs cut out of building mechanical systems are generally paid for many times over in increased maintenance and operating costs.


We hope that you will carefully consider and compare all features before making your purchase decision. Some things to consider include equipment design and construction, ease of service and maintenance, manufacture and availability of component parts such as safety and operating controls, electrical consumption and horsepower of fan motor, ease of installation, equipment availability, and projected fuel consumption of the equipment. Thanks for your consideration of the Thermo-Cycler Heating System.